How to Find Food and Friendship in the Forest

I went foraging recently—for food—on the California coast with Caitlin Wild of Mountain Soul Adventures. We said hello to two dozen plant-friends like mushrooms, wild strawberry and western hazelnut. Afterward we talked about what we mean when we say something is “edible,” what medicinal plants do, how to harvest and eat foraged plants, and how to stay safe when foraging for food.

Caitlin has a few surprises, like a plant that indigenous Americans used to carry embers from place to place, and another plant that came to her rescue once—and may have even saved her life. Caitlin also discusses connectedness, gratitude, eco-therapy, community and the profound awakening she experienced in her early 30s, when she was called onto be a bridge to the wild world. We talk about the way plants can remind us of our connectedness to the rest of the living world, and powerful ways plants and the Earth can help heal us.

I love this conversation and want to share it! Please forgive the slight hum on the audio.

Listen to Caitlin and you'll think about plants in a fresh way