Number of eyes on a tuatara


Number of years the Long Now clock will tick


Depth in feet of Trinidad’s man-eating lake

An Elephant Ate My Arm

More True Stories from a Curious Traveler

I’m honored and delighted to announce that two of the stories in this book won 2023 Solas Travel Writing Awards!

Each story reminds us we live in a world full of wonders. The locations are especially intriguing, and include:

  • A man-eating lake
  • The world’s first labyrinth
  • A portal to the Uncanny Valley
  • The forest home of a three-eyed cannibal
  • The perfect site for watching eagle sex…

Even better, the stories raise all kinds of interesting questions—about free will, domestication, compressing time, extinction, memento mori, and rewriting history, for starters. And the provocative discussion questions make this a perfect read for book clubs.

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Inside the World of An Elephant Ate My Arm

Read “My Extra-Virgin Experiment” on Medium.

Read “Cuba through the Looking Glass” on Medium.

Read a Version of “The Great Bald Eagle Fly-In” on Medium.

Hear Laurie read from “Witch in a Bottle.”

Read More about “Metamorphosis in
La Guácima.”

Read “The Third Eye of the Tuatara” on Medium.

What People are Saying:

Hilarious, informative, sometimes profound.

Linda Watanabe McFerrinAuthor of Navigating the Divide and The Hand of Buddha

Laurie is your pal, your sister, your your shadow-person who does the adventure with you and says just the thing you wish you’d said.

Allen FishDirector, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

These stories remind me of what I miss most about travel—connecting more deeply to people and places, local food and wildlife.

Kimberley LovatoTravel journalist and author of Quartraits: Portrait of a Community in Quarantine

Insightful travel tales that combine a love of nature with astute observations about the human condition. Bonus: Provocative discussion questions that make this a perfect read for book clubs!

Judith HorstmanAuthor, The Scientific American Healthy Aging Brain

Delightful and intriguing … delivers cultural details with panache and a funny bone on the side.

Lisa AlpineAuthor of Dance Life

A delightful excursion to magical places and once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Each chapter will spur you on to hit the road and discover the wonders and life lessons of travel.

Pamela BurkeJournalist and Founder of The Women’s Eye website and podcasts